Karin Park ; Fryngies - New Single + Remixes + Video

Karin Park ; Fryngies - New Single + Remixes + Video

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Link To Fryngies Video [embed]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IB9ZGt034jo[/embed]

Latest News:

Following the release of her UK debut last September, the critically acclaimed ‘Tiger Dreams EP’, Karin Park returns with ‘Fryngies’ the first single off her forthcoming album ‘High Wire Poetry’. Hailed as one of the most original new voices out there with ‘Fryngies‘ Karin artfully marries her unique vocals, at once both powerfully strong and yet so delicately fragile, to a soundtrack of icy electronics, sparse dubstep influenced beats and rattling, haunted percussion.

Producers Christoffer Berg (Fever Ray/The Knife/ Little Dragon) and State of the Eye’s Barry Barnett.

As with ‘Tiger Dreams’ Karin has again hand picked some of the most exciting and respected producers around to re-tool ‘Fryngies’ and first up is dubstep phenomenon Funtcase, whose hair-raising remix has already found favour with Radio 1’s Zane Lowe who recently premiered the track on his show in December and currently has more than 500.000 views on YouTube and divided the dubstep community in two camps.

Portuguese rising star Moullinex flips the script entirely, dropping a refreshingly bright and upbeat house mix that is already being strongly supported by the likes of Dimitri from Paris and Mighty Mouse.

A stunning live performer Karin has just come back from supporting Azari & III and SBTRKT in Europe plays at The White Heat (Madame Jojo’s) in London Tuesday 6th March. Don’t miss it!

Above is the pack of Fryngies for you, the original and the remixes (Note! Two of the remixes will only be offered for download until Monday 5th and the others only for streaming)

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Karin Park was born in the remote woodland town of Djura in Dalarna, Sweden, with a population of just 400. Park was brought up by deeply religious parents and spent three years as a child at a missionary school in Tokyo. Tall, slim, boyish, with a childlike demeanor Park set out on a musical career in Norway, which included a massive hit and a grammy nomination with the song “Superworldunknown” and three albums, including a highly acclaimed album (‘Ashes To Gold’) together with Datarock’s Fredrik Saroea in 2008.

Quitely gorging on artists like Gary Numan, Depeche Mode and Fad Gadget and inspired by Björk, The Knife and PJ Harvey, Park set about in 2009 to elaborate on a new line of expression bringing forth a new world to meet with those of her peers.

The fantasies and dogmatic religious themes so forced upon Park as a child is a prominent part of her artistic landscape today. However, in her own story, good and evil, power of the mind and the body, feminine strength and vulnerability, and alas, the possibility of a god, constantly mocks her mind (as it does the human mind in general).

The simple and rigid rules, so clear and yet horrific, of her childhood is - in today’s popular and political culture - mashed, used, abused and exploited, or vague and non-committing. Park sets about to explore the transformation of the old rules, to take them apart and put them together again, different this time, into new creatures, and thus give them a new function, or a new meaning.

Karin park now lives in the church she used to go to as a child, together with her boyfriend, the lead singer of the UK acclaimed noise rock band Årabrot.


Notes for Editors

Recent Karin Park Press

“Yes, she sounds a bit like Bjork but that’s officially where we’ll leave it. This Grammy Award winning Swedish starlet is off to a flying start with this song.”

Mixmag - BIG TUNES

“After seeing Karin Park play live at The Queen of Hoxton I’ll admit to being intimidated by the songstress. She was able to be amazing, flawless, and make it look like it took no effort on her part.”

Notion - Band of The Week

“The Tiger Dreams EP is her first UK release. The title track is a schizophrenic thing, veering between pseudo-dupstep, bassy verse and melodic, stadium pop chorus. Throughout, though, Park’s voice remains the most obvious calling card; beautifully pitched but fragile, full of emotion.”

The Line of Best Fit - TRACK OF THE DAY

“The original, a twisted dubstep, synth-pop crossover is a wonderfully brave piece of music providing a perfect backdrop to Karin’s unique vocal style. My single of the week. Get on board now and put your order in early for the album, it’ll be well worth the wait.”

Data Transmission

“Sounds like Bjork and Fever Ray got together and made sweet musical babies”

BEAT Magazine

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